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Mike "Tools" Danford 
Flight School Manager

Mike Danford, callsign "Tools," is a career pilot with over 10,000 flight hours, an ATP, and has been flying for 40 years.  Mike's flying started in high school, where he soloed on his 16th birthday.  He graduated from the US Naval Academy (1988), flew S-3B Vikings off the USS Carl Vinson, was instructed in the TA-4J Skyhawk, had 250 carrier landings, and gained the callsign "Tools" because of his love of fixing things.  After active duty, he flew at a major US airline for 18 years as a flight engineer, first officer, and captain both domestically and internationally.  Mike got back into general aviation about ten years ago, accruing 1000 hours, earning his CFI/II, teaching his son to fly, and owning/operating several experimental homebuilt and vintage taildraggers.  


Through all that time, Tools learned he loved flight instructing and leading teams of highly qualified professionals the most, which is why he came to us.  

Michael Hare

CFI, Assistant to the Chief Instructor


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The Cessna 172 - The workhorse aircraft of flight training

Aeropro flies Cessna 172 aircraft for flight training, time building, and scenic flights.  Considered the top aircraft for flight training, the Cessna 172 has been the leading training aircraft for decades. This high-wing aircraft was first manufactured in 1956 and remains in production today. To date, Cessna has produced over 43,000 Skyhawks.

Our aircrafts are maintained in our maintenance shop according to manufacturer requirements by our highly experienced A&P mechanics.



"The view was amazing! Michael was our pilot and he was the best. This will definitely be on our list again when we come back to Gulf Shores!"



"We had a blast! The pilot was really knowledgeable and friendly, best landing I've ever had on a plane by the way, he really knows what he's doing. The flight was the perfect amount of time and we got to chase the Sun down! Would for sure book again! Great price, well worth it!"


"Amazing! Chris and Natalie were so friendly! My son was nervous at the beginning.  Chris made him feel like a co-pilot! We both loved it!" 

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