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Accelerated Airframe and Powerplant Test Preparation and Testing

One week to take off with the accelerated A&P Prep Course by Aeropro

Get your A&P Certificate in one week with the Aeropro A&P Test Prep Course and get to work faster.

You'll be taught by a professional A&P course instructor who tailors instruction to meet your individual needs.  All necessary materials are included in the cost of the course.

We are a USAF COOL vendor for this course. 

Eligibility Requirements for A&P Mechanic

To be eligible for an FAA mechanic certificate and associated ratings, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Read, write, speak, and understand English

  • Have passed all of the prescribed tests within a period of 24 months (take the A&P Test Prep Course)

  • Meet the education or experience requirement

14 CFR § 65.77 Experience requirements

Each applicant for a mechanic certificate or rating must present either an appropriate graduation certificate or certificate of completion from a certificated aviation maintenance technician school or documentary evidence, satisfactory to the Administrator, of -

(a) At least 18 months of practical experience with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or altering airframes, or powerplants appropriate to the rating sought; or

(b) At least 30 months of practical experience concurrently performing the duties appropriate to both the airframe and powerplant ratings.

There are two ways you may obtain the training and experience necessary to become an FAA-certificated Airframe and/or Powerplant Mechanic:  Academic training through an FAA-certificated Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS) or on-the-job training (OJT).

*A military aviation maintenance background may give you the credit towards meeting the FAA experience requirements, depending on your MOS.  Refer to FAA Advisory Circular AC 65-30.

​14 CFR § 65.79 Skill requirements.

Each applicant for a mechanic certificate or rating must pass an oral and a practical test on the rating he seeks. The tests cover the applicant's basic skill in performing practical projects on the subjects covered by the written test for that rating. An applicant for a powerplant rating must show his ability to make satisfactory minor repairs to, and minor alterations of, propellers.

Aeropro's accelerated A&P test prep course will help prepare you to successfully pass the knowledge (written), oral and practical tests required to become an FAA certificated airframe and powerplant mechanic.  Come to us with all other requirements and we will help with the rest.


General, Airframe & Powerplant Instruction    

Includes all training materials and classroom sessions you will need to complete the course.  



Airframe or Powerplant Add-on Instruction           

Includes all training materials and classroom sessions you will need to complete the add-on course.  




General, Airframe & Powerplant Oral and Practical Exam

Paid directly to the Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME).





Aeropro's accelerated A&P test preparation course utilizes ASA Prepware:  Comprehensive preparation and study software for the General, Airframe, and Powerplant FAA Knowledge Exams.

ASA Prepware includes the contents of the Computer Testing Supplement, with the same FAA legends, figures, and full-color charts you’ll be issued at the testing center—to help you become familiar with all available information before you take your official test.

  • PC and Mac compatible

  • Complete and easy to use Study and Test modes.

  • Software replicates what you see when taking the official FAA exam.

  • Questions supported with explanations for correct and incorrect answers, FAA references for further study, and airman test report codes for remedial study.

  • CX-3® electronic flight computer is built into the program and accessible with a click of a button.

  • Review the questions you missed for an on-track learning program; performance graphs track your overall test scores and results in each subject.

IMPORTANT:  Because this is an accelerated program it is crucial that you become familiar with the oral and practical components prior to your class start date.  After signing up, we will send you an ASA Prepware School Online activation code. This will give you access to all the material you may be tested on as well as unlimited written practice tests for General, Airframe, and Powerplant.  This will also help us focus on your individual needs throughout the compressed timeline of this program.


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