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Bearded man polishing airplane propeller

Accelerated Airframe and Powerplant Test Preparation and Testing

Get your A&P Certificate in one or two weeks with the Aeropro A&P Test Prep Course. You'll be taught by a professional A&P course instructor who tailors instruction to meet your individual needs. Come see us and watch your pay increase!

A&P Test Prep - Mechanic Works on Cirrus
Have more questions? Email us and we will help you out!
  • 98% Pass Rate

  • Dedicated DME on site to test you in a familiar setting

  • Full Mock-Ups

  • Small Class sizes

  • One and two-week course options

  • Private tutoring available


Upcoming Classes (2023)​​​ 

  • August 14 (Written)

  • August 21 (Oral and Practical Exam)

  • September 11 (Written)

  • September 18 (Oral and Practical)

  • October 9 (Written)

  • October 16 (Oral and Practical)

  • November 6 (Written)

  • November 13 (Oral and Practical) 

  • December 4 (Written)

  • December 11 (Oral and Practical)







Call us to reserve your spot!

*If you plan to attend our two-week course, please sign up for BOTH Written and OPE* 

Open Aircraft

This fee will be paid directly to the DME. Cash only per FAA request.

General, Airframe & Powerplant Instruction - 1 Week (Oral & Practical  Only). Must have completed airman knowledge test.  



*DME Fee - $800
*Written Test - $175

Training aircraft

This fee will be paid directly to the DME. Cash only per FAA request.

General, Airframe and Powerplant Instruction - preparation course - full two-week course.



*DME Fee - $800
*Written Test - $175

Aircraft engine

This fee will be paid directly to the DME. Cash only per FAA request.

General, Airframe & Powerplant Oral and Practical Exam - paid to the DME



*DME Fee - $800
*Written Test - $175

Ben and Johnny

Johnny Smith

"I can say without any hesitation, choosing Aeropro for my FAA A&P Oral/Practical prep and testing was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Ben, Harold, and all the other staff were absolutely fantastic. It was obvious they wanted to do everything possible to help me get through this very stressful process successfully.

To say I was anxious is a huge understatement. But the staff at Aeropro were very supportive and encouraging.  I don’t know how often I heard “don’t worry Johnny, you got this”. Their confidence in me helped me feel confident in myself. When it came time for my test, the individual attention and preparation they provided was definitely a key component to my passing both the oral and practical.

I left Aeropro not only with my A&P certificate, I left with some great new friends."


Christina Jones

"I would like to shout “THANK YOU” to you BEN, HAROLD and all the amazing STAFF @ Aeropro, you guys rock!!!!!!  Your five day Oral & Practical Prep Course was exactly what I needed to obtain my Airframe & Powerplant License 12/09/22 a day I will never forget."


Clint Hopkins

"I am writing to express my appreciation for my experience with the Aeropro Test Prep Course.  I had searched the entire United States and this was the only program that offered what I needed.  I can not express enough gratitude towards Mr. Ben and Mr. Harold.  I believe I could not have passed my A&P Oral and Practical exam without them.  If for whatever reason they need something from me in future, I will gladly help out in any way I can.


Before this course, I was full of doubt and uncertainty of whether or not I could pass the A&P exam.  Due to the professionalism, dedication, and hard work of these two men, I was able to pass my exam with flying colors.  Their knowledge and preparedness enabled me to have the confidence I needed by the end of the course to pass the exam."

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