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Corporate private luxury jet at airport door open blue sky

Your Aviation Services Provider at Craig Field (KSEM)


Jet A Full Service: $5.85 | Jet A Self-Service: $5.65 | 100LL: $6.75 Self-Service

Full Service & Support in the Heart of the United States 

Selma, Alabama, rich in civil rights history, is also in the center of the United States, offering a convenient and easily accessible airfield on a former US Air Force Base. Come experience Selma for yourself as we rebuild the air field and offer you affordable and high quality aviation services:

  • Full Service and Self-Service Jet A Fuel

  • Defense Logistics Agency Fuel Rates for Military

  • 100LL Self-Service - full service coming soon.

  • FBO with snacks and meal services for fuel purchasers and military personnel

  • Pilot lounge and rest area

  • Aircraft Maintenance including avionics and Garmin

  • Flight Training

  • On-site pilot rest rooms and affordable sleeping rooms

  • Concierge services for car and hotel room reservations

  • CAA members welcome

Selma Bridge

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