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In Aeropro's powerplant certificate program, students learn through hands on, classroom and extended virtual reality the fundamentals of powerplant maintenance and overhaul for piston and turbine engines. The courseware is built around FAA approved course curriculum. The state of the art virtual trainer allows students to reinforce and strengthen classroom learning, and practice in an immersive environment prior to opening an engine.

Students participate in intensive lab sessions within a Part 145 environment.

What you learn

Introduction to Aviation Maintenance – Powerplant

Piston Powerplant theory.


Introduction to Powerplant Maintenance and Overhaul

Piston engine overhaul, inspection, and troubleshooting procedures.

Introduction to Turbine Engines

Aircraft turbine engine history, construction, thrust formulas and turbine engine types.

Introduction to Propellers

Propeller theory, nomenclature, application, constant speed devices, and propeller controls.

Powerplant Instrumentation

Instrumentation, fire and smoke detection, and fire suppression systems used in small and large aircraft.

Powerplant Fuel Systems

Reciprocating engine and turbine engine fuels, fuel metering devices, and system operation.

Ignition Systems

Reciprocating and turbine engine ignition system theory and maintenance.

Powerplant Lubricating Systems

Reciprocating and turbine engine lubricants and lubricating systems.

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