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Private Pilot

Start your journey in flight.

Private Pilot

The journey of a lifetime begins with a single step, To become a pilot, that step is pursuing a private pilot license. Get started with a Discovery Flight which will get you one hour closer to your private pilot license.

You can also sign up for the Ultimate Flight Adventure, an intensive introductory course, or take the plunge and sign up for full private pilot training.


What You Must Do to Get your Private Pilot License

(Taken from 14 CFR 61.109 – Aeronautical Experience)

Here is a checklist to guide you through the process:



⬜ Valid student pilot certificate and third-class medical (or greater)


⬜ At least 17 years old


⬜ Read, speak, write, and understand English

⬜ 70% or better score on FAA private pilot knowledge test

Minimum Aeronautical Experience

40 hours of flight time, including at least


   ⬜ 20 hours of training (dual instruction with a CFI) that 

         includes at least –

         ⬜ 3 hours of cross country flight training

         ⬜ 3 hours of night flight training

               ⬜ 1 night XC training flight greater than 100 nm

               ⬜ 10 takeoffs and 10 landings to a full stop at an airport 

         ⬜ 3 hours of simulated instrument time

         ⬜ 3 hours of practical test prep flights within the preceding 2 

            calendar months with a CFI

   ⬜ 10 hours of solo flight time 


         ⬜ 5 hours of solo cross-country time

         ⬜ One solo cross-country flight of 150 nm total distance, with full-stop landings at three points, one segment of the flight with straight-line distance of at least 50 nm between takeoff and landing locations

   ⬜ 3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop (each with a flight in the 

pattern) at an airport with an operating control tower

Find our whether flying an airplane is right for you - whether as a hobby or career. Your discovery flight marks hour 1 of your training and you receive your first logged flight!



Many people want to fly for the airlines. Here is what you need to do and the minimum timeline.

Once you have your private pilot license, the next step is an instrument rating

Resources and Financing Options

Private Pilot Package

*Can be completed under Part 141 OR Part 61


40 hours of flight time including 30 hours of flight training with instructor, 10 solo hours, ground school and simulator time.


* Discovery Flight and Ultimate Flight Adventure package prices are subtracted from price as relevant

* If the student requires flight hours additional to those included in the package, they are charged separately.

*This is an estimated cost based on FAA Minimums


Private Pilot Package

Send Me More Information

Thank you for your interest in our pilot training programs.  You may contact us at 833-Aeropro for faster service.

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