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It has been a little while since the last update on our beloved Sweet Potato.

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

As previously discussed in the blog, our FAA-certified A&P mechanics removed both engines from Sweet Potato and sent them to Pinnacle Aircraft Engines in Silverhill, AL for the overhaul.

Our FAA-certified A&P mechanics have completed the installation of both Lycoming engines in Sweet Potato. Our propellers have now been housed and torqued. Our avionics technician is working hard on the wiring install. Once the wiring is complete, we should be able to fire-up the engines. A short video will be added for you to see both of the engines ignited.

There are still other items left to complete before Sweet Potato is ready for her inaugural flight. Our next step in the process is to connect the gauges on both sides of Sweet Potato. After that the interior controls will need to be completed. The harnesses for the radios have been built and awaiting installation. Finally, the paneling will need to be added.

This is a picture of Sweet Potato with all of the wiring, radios, paneling, interior, and interior controls released. When finished everything, on the inside, will look streamlined. A photograph will be uploaded once the process is complete.

Picture of the fuselage showing the wiring before it is streamlined.

A large amount of wiring for Sweet Potato.

This is a side project of ours and we are trying to have Sweet Potato up in the air very soon. As the project progresses, we will periodically add to the blog for those of you who follow the progress of our beloved Sweet Potato.

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