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Where did those engines go?

One could argue that the heart of any aircraft is its pilot. OK. Fair enough.

But what truly drives the plane up, up and away and through the air? The engines and propellers.

The rumble. The roar. The power. If you've ever heard the throaty growl of a P-51 mustang fly-by it's unmistakable!

Sweet Potato is no P-51, but it comes equipped with two 150 hp Lycoming engines that have plenty of hours (and years) of service in the logbook. So much so that we thought it would be a very good idea to have those systems overhauled in the name of safety and longevity.

Both engines and props have been removed and sent out to overhaul shops we know, respect and trust with that type of work. Not only for our airplane, but others that come into our repair facility for similar work.

Off with the old and preparing for the new. This also provides our A&P mechanics a good opportunity to inspect the engine mounts, firewall, exhaust components, and other areas encased by the engine cowling.

If the engines are the heart of the airplane, then the wiring and avionics are akin to the central nervous system...and boy do we have BIG plans in the works for that upgrade! No neurosurgeon required, but we do have a top notch avionics pro ready and willing to take on the challenge.

Stay tuned!

Aeropro is an authorized dealer for Aspen Avionics

Aeropro is an authorized dealer for STRATUS by Appareo

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