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Up, Up and Away!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Part of the magic of flight is being able to see the world from a whole new perspective. Being right next to the beach gives us the opportunity to fly over some pretty spectacular scenery...the beautiful coastline along the Gulf of Mexico!

Flying high over Gulf Shores

Scenic Beach Flights

Aeropro is authorized by the FAA to conduct scenic flights across all of south Baldwin County within a 25 mile radius of Jack Edwards Airport. That means we can explore all beach areas from Alabama Point/Orange Beach west to Fort Morgan at the mouth of Mobile Bay.

Your FAA-rated commercial pilot will show you the sights and allow plenty of opportunities to take some great photos during your flight.

If you'd like your scenic flight to include a special request such as a sunset viewing, please let us know when you call to reserve your flight. Those "prime times" can fill up quickly.

Each flight lasts approximately 30 minutes and we can take up to 2 passengers per flight.

Some restrictions apply and during times of bad weather we can always reschedule for when the conditions will allow for an enjoyable trip to see the sights from high above!

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