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The Story of Sweet Potato...a Proper Introduction

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Let us introduce you to a classic multi-engine aircraft on the Aeropro flightline:

A 1954 Piper Apache affectionately known around here as "Sweet Potato."

Sweet Potato is one of the oldest surviving examples of the Apache line still on the U.S. aircraft registry...and will soon be one of the oldest Apaches still flying as soon as our Aeropro A&P mechanics complete their rehabilitation magic on this magnificent machine.

The PA23 line was introduced to the world in 1954, originally developed from the twin Stinson with two 125hp Lycoming engines.

With such little power the aircraft performed poorly as as re-powered with Lycoming O-320 150hp engines and marketed as the Piper Apache.

Sweet Potato was just the 18th aircraft of it's kind (serial #19) to come off the Piper assembly line in Lock Haven, PA back in 1954.

Retaining its original tail number N1017P, Sweet Potato has the classic lines of mid-century design but will sport many upgraded features to bring this bird up to speed with 21st century technology and mechanical advancements.

We have a LOT planned for the restoration of what will eventually serve as our multi-engine trainer, including overhauled engines and props, a complete top-to-bottom airframe evaluation and refurbishment and upgraded avionics.

Keep checking back in the coming weeks and months on the progress of our special project...and remember, we can do the same for your "senior" aircraft as well!

Call 833-AEROPRO (833-237-6776) to reach our maintenance and repair shop or speak with our knowledgeable flight instructors about learning to fly if you're not yet a pilot. It's never too late to start.

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