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The history of our coast

The 32 mile stretch of coastline that sits on the southernmost point of Alabama has an extremely rich history. From fishing to international trade, this small section of coast has been vital to those who’ve been lucky enough to call it home. To the very west, a fort was constructed in the early 1800s in order to fend off intruders. Nearing completion around 1834, Simon Bernard is credited with designing the pentagon shaped structure. Fort Morgan still stands today and is open for the public to explore! The 32 mile stretch of beaches on the coast of Alabama is one of the crown jewels of the United States. White sand, blueish-green water and an abundance of wildlife makes this one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the world. If you would like to see our rich and beautiful coast from the sky, give us a call @ 1-833-AEROPRO to book your scenic beach flight and experience our history for yourself!

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