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The Deadline Has Passed...Now What?

The FAA-mandated ADS-B (Automatic Direct Surveillance Broadcast) rule is now in effect. That means all operators of aircraft flying through "rule airspace" must have ADS-B OUT equipment.

The graphic below shows where you must have ADS-B out equipment installed on your aircraft.

  • Real-time ADS-B is used now for air traffic control

  • General aviation is safer with ADS-B traffic, weather, and flight-information services

  • Safety and efficiency improve with advanced ADS-B applications

Just to be clear: The "Out" requirement pertains to the equipment permanently installed in a specific aircraft. That's the part now required in most areas.

ADS-B "In" provides a pilot with information about other aircraft in the vicinity (traffic), updated weather information and other important in-flight information.

Aircraft that are not equipped with ADS-B out can still fly into airports such as Jack Edwards National Airport (KJKA) in Gulf Shores, but it really limits where you ARE allowed to fly.

If you still need to equip your aircraft with ADS-B out, we have a number of affordable solutions to help you comply with the mandate. Call us at 833-AEROPRO (833-237-6776) and press "3" to speak with one of our avionics consultants.

Aeropro is an authorized deal for:

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