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Flight training is all about time. You pay for hours in the aircraft. You pay for hours with a professional instructor. You must meet a minimum amount of training time required by the FAA. You build flight time for that next rating or certificate.

So why not make that time really count in your favor?

That's where we come in. Aeropro is ideally located to maximize your flight time with us. What exactly does that mean?

The photo shows one of our designated flying practice areas.

These are wide open, sparsely populated areas where we demonstrate flight maneuvers and practice flying the airplane so our student pilots will be able to meet (and exceed) the standards required for the checkride.

From the airport in Gulf Shores, we can get to this practice area within 5 minutes after takeoff, saving you valuable time when the meter is running.

At some airports it can take 15-20 minutes just to reach the practice area! That's an extra .4 or .6 hours of extra travel time saved on EVERY flight by training with us.

In addition to the close proximity of our flight training space, JKA doesn't have the delays associated with a busy tower controlled airport.

That means it's a short taxi to any runway, getting you up in the air in short order, maximizing your flight training time and money.

When you come for flight training in Gulf Shores with Aeropro, we want to make the most of your valuable time and we are strategically positioned to do just that!

Ready to get started with your flight training? Call us today at 833-AEROPRO (833-237-6776) and we can schedule an introductory flight with one of our FAA certified flight instructors.

Come FLY at the beach!

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