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How would you like to pay for that?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

     Experience the thrill of flying and the sense of accomplishment by becoming a pilot with Aeropro in Gulf Shores. 

     Learning to fly is quite an accomplishment and can bring you closer toward your career goal of a career in aviation.  

     While it is certainly a worthwhile endeavor and the career prospects are filled with opportunity, the barrier to entry is high. Translation:  It's not cheap to become a pilot and eventually earn further certification that will allow you to make money flying airplanes in the future.

     One of the most common questions aspiring pilots are faced with is:  "How do I pay for all this training?"  

     Unless you happen to be flush with cash, most of us have to rely on money we've saved up or find  other sources of funding.

■ Scholarships (free money!)

■ Bank Loans (an option)

■ Credit Cards (sky high interest rates)

■ A Rich Uncle​ (yeah, I wish...)

     An excellent "one-stop-shopping" source of scholarship information is the Aerospace Scholarships Guide.

      It contains a comprehensive, current listing of aviation-related scholarship opportunities from a wide variety of sources and it's just $10 on the Aviation Careers website

     While you're there, be sure to check out Carl Valeri's excellent podcast aimed at anyone interested in a career in aviation.  Give it a listen!

You might want to check in with Lendingtree.  They offer loans to help fund your flight training including aircraft rental, instruction, student pilot supplies and training materials.  Just click on the logo.

Need funds for flight training?  Check with AOPA Finance.  They offer loans to help you reach your aviation goals.

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