"Any Traffic in the Area Please Advise..."

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Jack Edwards National Airport will soon become a tower-controlled airport, expected sometime in the fall of 2021.

However, during the hours the tower is not in operation, airport operations will revert back to the way it's been for decades and all pilots are expected to announce their position and intentions on the CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency).

We tend to hear a lot of non-standard radio calls and phraseology, which usually doesn't pose much of a problem unless it needlessly ties up the frequency when the pattern is congested.

One problem broadcast we hear time and time again, from all types of aviators, is the initial call of an inbound aircraft asking for "any traffic in the area please advise."

AIM 4-1-9 states “traffic in the area, please advise” is not a recognized self-announce position and/or intention phrase and should not be used under any condition.

Although commonly used, asking pilots in the area to “please advise” without first listening for traffic on the CTAF is neither considerate nor safe.

Doing so ties up the frequency with unnecessary chatter from the pilot making the request and the pilots responding to the request.

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