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An Ounce of Prevention

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Airplanes fly. Airplanes break. That is just an inevitable fact of operating these magnificent flying machines.

You can keep your plane operating reliably and get a handle on repair bills by making sure you are keeping up with your aircraft's regular maintenance...and not putting off repairs before they become bigger issues.

Annual Inspections

With very few exceptions, every aircraft registered in the U.S. is required to undergo a thorough inspection every 12 calendar months by an authorized A&P (airframe & powerplant) mechanic with inspection authorization (IA).

We provide that service here at Aeropro...and openly post our flat rates for all types of aircraft on our maintenance page.

What We Look For

When completing a full annual inspection on your aircraft, we make sure:

  • All systems and components are operating properly and safely

  • Any applicable airworthiness directives are complied with

  • All internal moving parts are serviced and properly lubricated

  • Any signs of internal and external damage or corrosion are addressed

  • All systems and components are operating properly and safely

  • Any repairs or modifications are properly documented

and more...

Pre-Buy Inspections

Looking to purchase an aircraft and need an honest, unbiased assessment of the plane's condition? Don't gamble on such a valuable investment!

We offer inspections to determine if that "good deal" really is something you should jump into.

That includes a complete airframe, engine and propeller log review to prevent any surprises in the aircraft's documentation. Call us today! 833-AEROPRO.

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