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An airline pilot? Yes, you can!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Become an airline pilot. It may seem a bit daunting, especially for a teenager just out of high school.

However, the path to the airlines can provide a viable option to young people in search of a career field. That's especially true for those who stop everything at the sound of a passing airplane, straining to catch a glimpse of any and every aerial vehicle coming and going.

Granted, there is considerable amount of training involved as certificates and ratings are earned along the way. You just have to look at it this way: Each step towards earning a commercial pilot certificate is a step towards earning a living in the sky.

Regional Airline First Officer Starting Hourly Pay

That first step can be lucrative with average starting pay rates (see chart) at the regional airlines in the $40-$50/hour range.

That doesn't mean you're making that kind of money working an 8-hour day, but it is just a starting point and potential earnings can top $100k within a few years!

Combine that with hefty sign-on bonuses many airlines are now offering and your first year as a first officer at a regional airline will set you up for the rest of your flying career.

The first step is learning to fly in a basic training aircraft and that's where we come in. Aeropro can get you started down the path to becoming an airline pilot the way most start out: In the left seat of a Cessna 172, the most popular airplane ever built.

Call us today to schedule your discovery flight to see if a career flying airplanes is for you. We'd be happy to discuss the many options available to give your future a kick start.


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