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Frequently Asked Questions about Flight School

What is a flight school? 

A flight school is an educational institution that teaches individuals how to fly airplanes for personal or professional purposes.


Do I need any experience to start flight training?

No prior experience is required to start flight training. We offer introductory flight lessons, which allow students to experience what it’s like to fly an aircraft before committing to a full training program.


How long does it take to complete flight training?

The amount of time it takes to complete flight training can vary depending on the type of training and how frequently you are able to fly. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few months to a year or more to complete flight training and earn a pilot’s license.


How much does flight training cost?

The cost of flight training can vary depending on several factors, including the type of license you are pursuing, the location of the flight school, and how frequently you are able to fly. Options for earning pay while building hours are available. 


What types of pilot licenses are available?

There are several types of pilot licenses available, including private pilot and commercial pilot. Each license has different requirements and allows you to fly different types of aircraft.


What kind of aircraft will I be flying during flight training?

Aeropro flies Cessna 172 aircraft for flight training, time building, and scenic flights.  Considered the top aircraft for flight training, the Cessna 172 has been the leading training aircraft for decades. This high-wing aircraft was first manufactured in 1956 and remains in production today. To date, Cessna has produced over 43,000 SkyhawksOur aircrafts are maintained in our maintenance shop according to manufacturer requirements by our highly experienced A&P mechanics.


What kind of jobs can I get with a pilot’s license?

There are several career opportunities available for pilots, including commercial airline pilot, corporate pilot, flight instructor, and aerial surveyor, among others.


Do flight schools offer financial aid?

We have lending partners that help students pay for their courses. This is an investment with a very high ROI (return on investment)

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