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Launch your airline pilot career with Aeropro

Aeropro outlines the steps to becoming an airline pilot below. The process requires lots of hours and dedication, but with some creativity and gumption, you can do it and the airlines are hiring.  You can also get help from the airlines to offset your cost.  CommutAir offers benefits for both military and civilian pilot candidates.  Click here to learn more. 


Step 1
Private Pilot

Call 833-Aeropro or book here to sign up for your private pilot license today.  Military discounts and block discounts are available.  Work with the flight school to tailor your learning to your schedule.
More info on requirements

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STEP 2 Instrument Rating

You must have your instrument rating to proceed to commercial pilot license and on to the airline training programs.  More info on requirements here.

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Beautiful evening for flying!  Come join

You're getting there.  Once you meet the requirements and get licensed for commercial pilot you can get paid for your services. 

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STEP 3 Commercial Pilot


Build Hours

Eligible airline pilots must have a minimum 1500 hours of flight time (civilian) and 750 hours for military aviators. 

To do this, you can also become a Certified Flight Instructor.  Call 833-Aeropro to learn more about becoming a CFI.

A twin engine light aircraft makes an ap

STEP 5 - Multi-Engine Rating

Airlines require a multi-engine rating and 25 hours of multi-engine time.  Aeropro is putting our Multi-Engine program in place but until then, we partner with local providers to help you meet the requirement.  Find out more at 833-Aeropro. 

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