Aircraft pre-buy evaluations

     Purchasing an aircraft represents a huge investment.  We want to help you make a smart decision by not wasting time and money or ending up with an unpleasant surprise after the fact.  Call us first at 833-AEROPRO before deciding on your next plane!

     What exactly is a pre-buy evaluation? 

     It is to your advantage to insist upon a pre-buy evaluation. The aircraft may be found to be unairworthy because of faulty equipment or lack of compliance with an airworthiness directive (AD). Once the deal is closed and you take possession of the aircraft, it will be extremely difficult to force the previous owner to bear the cost of repairs that should have been performed before the sale.

What is included in my pre-buy evaluation?

     It can be as simple as a glance at engine and airframe logbooks to ensure everything is in order or a full annual inspection. 

     Aeropro will work with you and the seller to determine the specific scope and detail of the pre-buy evaluation.

     Either way, we will ALWAYS be open with you in discussing your options, your intentions and the outcome of our evaluation.

     Aeropro recommends selecting items from the manufacturer's recommended inspection program to define the pre-buy evaluation.  (Some sellers, for example, will not agree to panels being opened beyond the engine cowlings. )

     Our FAA certified mechanics will examine the aircraft for damage and wear that might not be evident to the untrained eye and to detect maintenance problems that might arise in the future. 

The end result...

     You will receive a complete & current aircraft status based on the FAA regulations, life-limited items, and the manufacturer's recommendations along with our findings from the evaluation.

     An unsatisfactory condition is not necessarily cause for rejection of the aircraft, but it should be treated as a point for further investigation and/or negotiation with the seller.

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