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Aeropro Flight School

Learn to Fly - Achieve Your Goals

Aeropro provides comprehensive flight training at our campuses in Gulf Shores, AL and  Selma, AL. Housing is available at our Selma, AL campus at affordable prices.

Aeropro Fleet

Flight School

Aeropro flight school offers training in two locations: Part 141 and Part 61 training in Gulf Shores, AL

Part 61 training in Selma, AL.

Aeropro uses a combination of Cessna 172, Vashon Ranger and Piper Apache multi-engine aircraft to provide training from private pilot through multi-engine and ATP


Private Pilot to the Airlines

From start to finish, Aeropro can get you there with a program tailored to your learning requirements.

Take a discovery flight to see if being a pilot is for you.

Aeropro student doing her pre-flight check
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